Where do we start?


Generally, after a brief has been outlined by the client/designer, The Humble Art Company will develop the project to completion with a series of tried and tested methods.


First of all, if a mood board hasn't already been provided, we will gather images to help you decide which direction the Artworks/Mural/Interior should go.


THE RED BAR & GRILL (case study)

Illustrated below is the technique The Humble Art Company used to help the client (Cheeky Monkey Bars) turn a faultering unloved pub into a thriving, vibrant successful concern.

Interiors- A series of visuals are created from a digital, 3D walk-round model to ensure that everything is as close as it can be to the desired outcome. This has proved a very useful tool to the client in the past, as most of the design decisions can be changed, ammended or scrapped if need be before any precious budget is wasted unnecessarily.


Artworks & Graphic design

A series of sketches are created digitally before the artwork is either painted or sent to print. Below is an example of the process from concept to completion for THE DEVONSHIRE.

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